Pregnancy, Birth and stepping into Motherhood can be filled with so many emotions. It can be a battle between feeling lost, overwhelmed, nervous and excited. Often not knowing what it is you want or how to get it. But birth isn’t a time to be lost or out of control, in fact it is one time where it should be the opposite.


Have you had a birth experience that just wasn’t what you thought and left you feeling disappointed and completely out of control?


Were you once a confident and assertive person but after giving birth you were left questioning yourself and your abilities as a woman and mother?


Did you ‘just go with the flow’ and walked away feeling dissatisfied, broken and dealing with trauma that just shouldn’t have happened?


Do you find yourself justifying your mediocre birth experience with ‘but my baby is healthy and that’s all that matters’ but deep down you know that isn’t all that matters, because you matter too!?


Did you invest all your trust into the ‘medical system’ or a care – provider, believing that is all you needed but now realise that wasn’t the case?


Or is this your first birth but know that there is no chance you are going to be ‘just another number’ or have that disappointing experience you read about or your friends tell you about?


Are you often met with this battle of mixing your alternate “hippie” views with the modern world and just not knowing how to find your place to achieve the birth and motherhood experience you want?


Do you feel lost in the haze of the healthcare system, professionals, recommended care and practices – you just don’t know your options or choices and what is best for you?


Have you been leaving your prenatal appointments feeling disappointed, apprehensive and with more questions than answers?

Were you hoping your care providers would be engaged and interested in getting to know you, answer your concerns and guide you on this journey, yet instead you can’t help feel you’re just another number and tick box they need to get through.


Are you struggling to communicate your needs with your care-providers, your partner, family or friends your needs for your pregnancy and birth?

Are you starting to worry how this birth will turn out because you don’t feel confident you have the right knowledge or support in place to make it happen?


But you know, no matter what, there is more to birth, that you want to thrive and be equipped when you can birth.



You want a birth that leaves you feeling powerful, positive & ready to embark into motherhood.


You want a birth where you are in control. You want to have your best birth possible. You want a positive birth experience.



I hear you – My name is Peta Tuck and I am here to help make this happen for you.


When we become pregnant we are often feel lost among it all – from sterile appointments, to conflicting and unwanted advice to just being so unsure of how to get exactly what you want or knowing what it is you want!


Hear me when I say this…how you intend to give birth is only a small ripple in the massive river that is your birth experience – what matters is that you are in control. You are the one leading your birth. You are heard and you are supported both physically and emotionally. It isn’t just about the physical events that take place, either; it is also about how you are treated and how you are made to feel.



You matter. Your birth matters.



Birth is a transformation; a powerful rebirth of you as a woman & a mother – not just a baby being born. It is not like anything you will ever experience with each pregnancy; each birth; truly unique just as you are. You don’t have to conform to a checkbox or what our modern society says you should do or be. You need to choose your path and take control of it – no matter what it looks like.


Often when you have had a positive birth experience, when you were your own advocate, where you were supported and had a voice that roared, this new found confidence flows on into your Motherhood experience. It gives you the ability to trust your instincts, avoid trauma, become more confident, more aware of the world around and the choices you are making not just as a Mother but as a Woman too.


Do you want to leave your birth up to chance, and go with the flow not actually knowing what that flow is, where it can take you or how it will end?





 Do you want to take control, and step into your power, so you can be heard, so your choices are known and no matter how your birth unfolds, you were at the forefront of every decision and so you can have your best birth possible?


“Peta was the doula I didn’t know I needed, who helped me to have the birth I didn’t know I wanted. Peta recognised the fear and anxiety I felt in the lead up to my second birth and gently helped me to see how this birth could be different from the first. She drew on her own natural birthing experience to encourage me to organise a birth support, understanding how important it is to have someone in my corner.

Peta recommended the use of a hypnobirthing soundtrack in the weeks leading up to the birth, which became the single most valuable tool in my repertoire. She empowered me to believe that I really was in control of the birthing process and could remain alert and present throughout the event. In the end, when it came down to those final, quiet moments of recovery between contractions, Peta’s words were in my ear as though she were beside me, “breathe him out”. And I did.

Peta supported me to navigate a complicated system of hospital-based care and to walk the fine line between ensuring my birth was as natural an event as possible, and heeding medical advice as required. She advocated gently for the natural process of birth and always emphasised my capacity to stay in control and engage in informed decision making.

Peta did this – all of it – via instant messaging. I am so grateful for the peaceful, supported birth I finally had. How lucky any woman would be to have her there in person.” – Luci Kluedo

My name is Peta Tuck, a Birth Doula turned Birth Planning expert.


I know exactly what it is like to be in your shoes, to be feeling disappointed, lost and out of control. After having a less than desirable first birth where I walked away feeling broken, I then went on to have two powerful and positive births which changed me in ways I often can’t describe. They healed me.



BetterBirth is my signature program and is truly unique to anything else out there – just like you and your birth.

As the name says, it gives women the tools and ability to birth powerfully through a clear process so they can go onto have their a positive birth experience…no matter how their birth unfolds.


This exclusive method gives you confidence and control and to feel a part of a community. It is not a simple vanilla birth education course, actually, is far from that.


No stone will be left unturned; all important steps are discussed and considered so you are not only empowered to create a rock-solid birth plan from an informed and educated place, but are confident and assured no-one will have the ability to derail your intentions or lead you into circumstances you don’t desire

You’re an amazing woman and an inspiration to women who have suffered birth trauma and recovered from it and I think it’s so admirable that you have now gone on to choose a profession to try and help other mums to avoid feeling this trauma – Ashleigh Ridley