I see you and know your birth is important to you. 

You want to stop worrying and be ready so you can have a positive damn empowering birth experience. 

But you just aren’t sure how to make it happen or if the ‘things’ you have done or are doing are enough.  Well, your worry stop’s here, I have got you and I can help you have the positive birth experience you want, no matter how it unfolds.

*FREE Online Workshop* How to Prepare for a Positive Birth


You will learn key, yet often overlooked or even simply forgotten steps to effective birth preparation.
This FREE workshop will help you stop feeling anxious about your birth. It will help you turn your fears or worries about your birth into excitement. You will gain skills you can put into practice right now!

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Discover the ‘secret to effective Birth preparation’ you won’t learn anywhere else.  Learn from other women’s experiences, understanding their pitfalls from their birth preparation and use this to gain knowledge so your birth experience is positive.

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The BetterBirth Program


The BetterBirth Program is my signature program designed for women, just like you, prepare for a positive birth….no matter how it unfolds. 

The BetterBirth program is a unique birth preparation method that removes uncertainty, overwhelm and worry.  It is delivered in a 3 tier format and completely online, so no matter your location you can have a BetterBirth. 

 Hi Queen – I am Peta.  

A birth Doula turned Birth Preparation Expert.  I help women get ready for birth so no matter how it unfolds it is positive. 

I am the founder of the BetterBirth program, volutneer Maternity Consumer Advocate and most importantly, a Mum to 4 small humans – the most greatest achievement of mine. 

I started working in this ‘Birth World’ to help women and prevent more women being exposed to birth traum – like I was.  I soon realised that Preparing for your birth wasn’t just as easy as hiring a doula and there is a lot more to it…..

Birth Plan

I was reading a post recently about birth plans – my heart sunk and slightly shattered reading some women’s story’s. What seemed to be the constant response was don’t call it a plan. You can’t plan birth, so call it wishes or preferences, that way if you don’t get...

You are doing just fine Mumma

You are doing just fine Mumma

Mothers are their worst critic, they critise themselves & other mummas a lot. I hate it, even though I have found myself doing it. Imagine if instead of picking apart the things we did wrong, we focused on all the things we did right? We shared story's of the real...

4 affordable Self-Care Options

4 affordable Self-Care Options

When you hear the term self-care what springs to mind? Do you think of luxury, expensive practices only? Like Day spas? Hair make over? Or a Holiday? Well self-care doesn’t have to be. It’s hard enough learning to put ourselves first and to prioritise...


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