You are Amazing.  You are Capable.  You are Powerful.

I see you and know your birth is important to you. 

You want to stop worrying and be ready so you can have a positive damn empowering birth experience. 

But you just aren’t sure how to make it happen or if the ‘things’ you have done or are doing are enough.  

Well, your worry stop’s here, I have got you and I can help you have the positive birth experience you want, no matter how it unfolds.

So, Tell Me This...

When Exactly Did Your Excitement Turn To Worry?

Was it the minute you peed on the stick? After one of your healthcare appointments where you felt like just another number? Maybe it was the avalanche of horror birth stories your friends and family started?...

It's Time To Stop Worrying And Finally Feel Ready — And Excited as f*ck

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Birth Better is not your typical podcast about Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood. It will share women's stories and their journey's to giving birth, have experts on (the real experts you need to hear from) and most importantly having real, honest conversations you NEED to hear as you prepare for birth and motherhood.

This podcast does not focus on 'one type of birth', it focuses on women's experiences and helping women to thrive into motherhood.

Hi Queen – I am Peta.  

A birth Doula turned Birth Preparation Expert.  I help women get ready for birth so no matter how it unfolds it is positive. 

I am the founder of the BetterBirth program, volutneer Maternity Consumer Advocate and most importantly, a Mum to 4 small humans – the most greatest achievement of mine. 

I started working in this ‘Birth World’ to help women and prevent more women being exposed to birth trauma – like I was.  I soon realised that Preparing for your birth wasn’t just as easy as hiring a doula and there is a lot more to it…..

I owe this healing, transformational, liberating experience to the support I received from Peta. Had Peta not been the best friend I needed during pregnancy, I know I would have made a fear based decision and stayed with the other care providers and more than likely ended up with a similar birth to my first born. 


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Mothers are their worst critic, they critise themselves & other mummas a lot. I hate it, even though I have found myself doing it. Imagine if instead of picking apart the things we did wrong, we focused on all the things we did right? We shared story’s of the real life everyday things we encounter

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