When you hear the term self-care what springs to mind? Do you think of luxury, expensive practices only? Like Day spas? Hair make over? Or a Holiday? Well self-care doesn’t have to be.

It’s hard enough learning to put ourselves first and to prioritise self-care without having to worry about spending your monthly savings on it. I get it, I really do. BUT, self-care doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, it shouldn’t involve anything addictive or impulsive.  It should be something that allows you to unwind, release any stress and reenergise.

I have put together my list on low cost self-care options which you can do today! So what are you waiting for?

Gentle walk ALONE in the sunshine

Yes, it’s that simple. Get out in the sunshine and go for a walk.  Breathe that fresh air, take your time and enjoy it. It’s not a powerwalk, it’s not a marathon.  Go at your own pace, take as long as you need and ENJOY it.


Epsom salt bath

This is actually my favourite self-care practice. It’s simple, I don’t really need to plan much and can do it once my kids are asleep.  It is literally the perfect self-care practice for me.  Tuck the kids in bed or have someone watch them for a while. Run yourself a hot bath adding in some Epsom salts and essential oils.  Not only is this super relaxing but the Epsom salts and essential oils with also aid in releasing the toxins from your body, muscle aches and help your nerves function properly.


Music + dancing + singing

That’s right; turn your favourite tunes on maybe in the car or at home. Turn them up loud, don’t focus on anything else but that moment. Sing, dance and shake that booty.  This is a great way to practice self-care when you only have a short time and don’t have anything else prepared.  Afterwards you will find your mood is boosted and your energy levels much higher.


Get creative.

When was the last time you let your creative side out? It’s a very simple way to practice some self-care. So grab some pencils, paints, a camera or journal.  You don’t have to be Picasso, don’t overthink it, just draw, paint, photograph or write.  You may even surprise yourself on how good you are.



How are you going to practice self-care today? There is nothing holding you back now and trust me once you start replenishing your cup regularly you will see a positive shift in all aspects of your life!


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