Mothers are their worst critic, they critise themselves & other mummas a lot. I hate it, even though I have found myself doing it. Imagine if instead of picking apart the things we did wrong, we focused on all the things we did right? We shared story’s of the real life everyday things we encounter constantly not the fabricated ‘social media motherhood’ we see plastered everywhere. Mum’s need encouragement. Mums need support. They need love. They need to know they are doing just fine.

I was reminded of this more then ever today. Today was a tough day. All the kids were in challenging moods, I was struggling to find my patience, my gentle. At one point we all cried together, and you know what? That’s ok.

I’ll paint the picture for you. As I’m sitting down breastfeeding my youngest, who is flipping about like a fish out of water, I try to reply to work emails. My oldest suddenly has a ‘moment’ because her doll won’t sit where she wants her. She screams as if she is in horrendous pain. I try to soothe her and assist sitting the doll in the way she requires. Crisis adverted. Doll in correct position. Screaming stopped. Phew.

I sit back down to continue feeding, when I get a whiff of that smell. You know the one I mean, the almighty shit smell. I check my youngest, no. My middle man? Yes. In his undies. Fuck. Like that’s the worst part of toilet training.

Fast forward 5 mins. Shit is everywhere. I’m trying to clean up Mr 2, youngest is crying because he hasn’t finished boobing & Miss 4’s doll isn’t doing as it should again so she is crying too. I cried.

Some days, it’s ok to cry in tune with the kids. Some days it’s ok to be a baking goddess with a sparkling house too. No one day will ever be the same. This is the hardest job I have ever encountered but it’s also the most rewarding even if it’s hard to see when you are knee deep in shit with screaming kids all around you.

We need to remember to be kind and gentle to ourselves AND each other. Most of us are all doing the best we can with the tools we have.