Imagine having a Positive Birth no matter how it unfolded. 

It’s time to stop being overwhelmed and worrying about having a shitty birth experience (again) and start being ready.

Like *really* ready.


Pregnancy, Birth and stepping into Motherhood can be filled with so many emotions.  It can be a battle between feeling lost, overwhelmed, nervous and excited. Often not knowing what it is you exactly want and need or how to put all the pieces together so you are not left dealing with birth disappointment or trauma.


You know birth is meant to be this magical and amazing time…BUT…that wasn’t your previous experience. The one which has left you dealing with the feelings, thoughts and at times terrified thinking “will this birth be just like my last”.  But, you know that this birth absolutely cannot be like your last, you know you want more, you know you want a better birth experience.


Or maybe you haven’t given birth before but you know without a doubt you do not want to be another statistic and you do not want to be left with birth disappointment or trauma.


Either way queen, I hear you – My name is Peta Tuck and I am here to help make this happen for you.



You’re planning a pregnancy or you’re pregnant.


You’ve given birth and have had a traumatic or disappointing birth experience.


Your previous experience was not what you hoped it would be and left you feeling disappointed and out of control


You have found yourself justifying your mediocre birth experience with ‘but my baby is healthy and that’s all that matters’ but deep down you know that isn’t all that matters, because you matter too!?


You invested all your trust into the ‘medical system’ or a care – provider, believing that is all you needed but now realise that wasn’t the case?


You are feeling overwhelmed about your next birth or uncertain how you are going to do this or where to even start so this birth is not like your last.


You are determined that this birth will NOT be like your last.


Or, this will be your first birth and you’ve listened to friends and/or family describe less than desirable or traumatic birth experiences and you’re determined you’ll not have that same experience.


Do you feel lost in the haze of the healthcare system, professionals, recommended care and practices and just not knowing your options or choices and what is best for YOU?


Are you often met with this battle of conflicting views with the modern birthing world and just not knowing how to find your place to achieve the birth and motherhood experience you want?


Are you struggling to communicate with your care-providers your needs for your pregnancy and birth?


Are you even sure know what those needs are?


Do you picture this beautiful experience with your partner but in reality are unsure how to communicate with them or how this birth vision is going to be a reality?


But you know, no matter what, there is more to birth, that you want to feel excited and ready to give birth.


You want to have your best birth possible.


You know that you want a positive birth but you just don’t know how to make it happen or where to even start.

Well…let me tell you ….a Positive Birth is possible

Let’s be honest, if you aren’t feeling ready then something is wrong. Does that mean something is wrong with you? Heck no, something is wrong with your birth preparation. 

I see you (and countless other women doing) all the things you think you need but yet are still left with this overwhelming feeling of not being prepared or ready for what your birth will bring. It doesn’t have to feel like that, in fact it shouldn’t and it’s not your fault. 

Our maternal healthcare system just isn’t set up to support women during their most vulnerable time in their lives. It’s why 1 in 3 women will walk away with birth trauma – I was one of them. I have been there, I have been you, I have gone on to have subsequent birth experiences which were amazingly positive and help so many women (just like you!) have positive birth experiences too.


Over 100,000+ women in Australia each year will suffer from Birth Trauma. I say 100,000 PLUS because there are Women who have experienced Birth Trauma and just don't know it.

I owe this healing, transformational, liberating experience to the support I received from Peta. Had Peta not been the best friend I needed during pregnancy, I know I would have made a fear based decision and stayed with the other care providers and more than likely ended up with a similar birth to my first born. 


I see you taking your birth experience into your own hands. I know you are determined to avoid having an experience like your last.  I see you doing all the things, but, are they the right things?

Maybe you even did these for your last birth, yet they still didn’t save you from bad birth experience.


You have read all the books.


You have watched birth video’s.


You have got reviews for different hospitals or care-providers


You have completed, completing or seriously considered Hypnobirthing, Calm Birth {insert any birth ed class}


You are the queen of Podcast’s and have listened to so many you have lost count.


You have considered or started to write your ‘birth preferences or wishes’ but not a ‘birth plan’…because you are worried your birth can’t be planned.

Or maybe you have done none of that, but, either way you are overwhelmed in knowing what you need to do and when, or if you have done enough, so no matter how your birth unfolds it is a positive one.


The BetterBirth™ Movement

BetterBirth™ is a unique 5-Step immersion program and movement specifically designed to help you transform the uncertainty and fear surrounding your birth into clarity and confidence, so you can take control, be ready and have the birth experience you want.

BetterBirth™ was born from my time working as a Birth Doula where I extensively worked with women as they prepared for their birth. Over and over again I started to see a clear pattern emerge: what separated a positive birth experience from a disappointing or traumatic one was not just whether a birth plan was in existence, but whether certain key steps were done prior to even creating or actioning that birth plan.


Unlike many well-meaning birth education classes, one issue women were mistakenly left believing that writing up their ‘preferences’, was the same as making a thoughtful, intentional and fool-proof plan that was compiled after thoroughly completing key steps during the birth preparation process.

BetterBirth™ starts by answering the fundamental but critical questions: “Who am I and how can this play a role in my Birth Experience” “What do I really need for my birth to be the experience I want?”, “What is holding me back from achieving that?”

Who you are, what is important to you and your values along with how you want to feel leading up to, during and after your birth play an integral role in the type of care you seek out, the type of people you have supporting you and the type of birth you ultimately prepare for.

Once the above is clear, only then do we start planning, because without a clear and precise understanding of YOU and what YOU need, you have no way of making the real right choices for you and therefore creating the right plan. And, you see, without clear foundations during your preparation, a plan is just a wish…


And I work with women who know wishful thinking is never a good strategy…



BetterBirth™ uses a five-step methodology, called The BetterBirth™ Method.

The BetterBirth™ Method is expertly structured to enable any person, whether during pre-conception or pregnancy, the ability to work through the same five steps and finish with a clear understanding of what they need for their birth, a strong confidence in themselves and a simple, yet thorough birth plan uniquely designed just for them.

Because like DNA, no one birth, preparation or birth plan is the same.

Even though most would agree with that statement, many current birth planning and education courses and trainings don’t account for this.

BetterBirth™ is delivered fully online and virtually, so that you don’t need to worry about blocking out weekends for hours on end… pfft you don’t even need to get dressed if you don’t want to – I know, sold aren’t you!?

How will you be better of from investing in the BetterBirth™ Movement?


Save Time & Money

You will know exactly who and what it is you need to seek out during your pregnancy and birth so you achieve your desired outcome — and who and what you DO NOT need to seek out — saving you significant time, energy and money.


Remove Fear

Fear and uncertainty that you once had will be a thing of the past – you’ll be clear and confident in your pre- and post-birth choices which will allow you to express yourself and help you navigate and bypass any well-meaning (or not so well-meaning) suggestions, advice or influence from family, friends and/or health care providers which could derail your intentions and move you away from the birth outcome you desire.


Develop Confidence

You’ll develop an acute awareness and resilience to overcome more easily (or bypass completely) the many number of curve balls, issues and consequences that can arise during pregnancy and birth that can commonly blind side and surprise other pregnant and birthing women.


Be your own Advocate

You will feel ready and empowered to be your own advocate before anyone else can or needs to be.


Be Heard

You’ll communicate powerfully no matter the situation that may arise and no matter who it is you may be talking to!


A Real Birth Plan

You will have a simple yet effective written birth plan that outlines your informed choices and equips you so your Birth Plan will never be thrown out the window or lead to birth disappointment


Action Plan

A simple action plan outlining the steps you will take and the path you will follow to achieve your desired birth, so you confidently know you can achieve the birth you’re determined to have.


Lead Your Birth

You won’t be left feeling disappointed in yourself because no matter how your birth unfolds you are at the forefront of all decisions and will be in control so you can have the best birth possible

What exactly do you get in the BetterBirth Movement?


The BetterBirth Method and Unique Steps

Doing these steps will take your uncertainty to clarity and anxiety to confidence.


Birth Preparation Videos & Audio

It Includes easy to watch & listen to video and audio content, in depth information about the steps, worksheets, questions and tips to help you prepare for your positive birth.


BetterBirth Plan Template & How to Guide

Use my one-of-a-kind tried and tested BetterBirth Birth Plan. Don’t leave your birth plan up to guess work — know exactly what to include and where so your birth plan will never be ignored or thrown out the window.


The BetterBirth Action Plan Template

To keep you focused, on track and ready for what is to come.

What an empowering experience that I will never forget! Peta I can’t Thank you enough for creating this space for us women you empowered me so much, and your words helped me through the entire way! 


I am Peta Tuck, a Birth Doula turned Birth Preparation Coach. I am the founder of the BetterBirth, a volunteer Maternity Consumer Advocate and above all else I am a Mum to 4 little humans. 

I have been working in this ‘birth world’ for over 6 years now and I have learnt a lot in the process.  Honestly though, my biggest learning for me was my first traumatic birth and then how I went on to prepare for my subsequent births and have polar opposite experiences. 

It’s through these lived personal experience and working extensively with women as a birth Doula, I developed the unique BetterBirth Methodology. 

I want all women Women to experience what a true positive birth is like.  I want all women to feel confident, excited and ready to give birth so they don’t just survive in Motherhood but thrive.  

I’m immensely grateful for the generosity Peta showed me in our call, spending so much time with just me and getting to know me. Thank you so much! 


You’re an amazing woman and an inspiration to women who have suffered birth trauma and recovered from it and I think it’s so admirable that you have now gone on to choose a profession to try and help other mums to avoid feeling this trauma 


Overall this has been amazing for me and just what I needed to spur my path to inner strength.  I feel much more prepared for my birth.  I will write proper feedback one day soon but ultimately this is so valuable.

KT George

The biggest thing I have learnt from you is reminding myself that I have control and that I can voice any concerns.

Lisa Drake

Thank you Peta Tuck for this positive and empowering group… I’m forever grateful for everything this group brings and gave me in the lead up to the birth of our daughter


Along the journey with Peta and her amazing information I realised that another barrier was the support I had being in the caseload program with my first birth and having a great midwife (this time I was seeing a different person each time) and also the restrictions of hospital policies should I need a c-section again. As a result, I changed hospitals (not easy) and by sheer luck- had an amazing midwife for the birth who also took great photos. Some things you can plan, some you can’t. But being prepared as much as possible really helped me through this journey. I’m forever grateful to Peta


You now have a choice;

Pass on BetterBirth

You can pass up the opportunity to be apart of the BetterBirth Group Intensive and continuing as you are hoping and wishing your birth doesn’t leave your disappointed or traumatized.

Think about it

You can ‘think about it’ for a few hours or days, and maybe you might miss the opportunity entirely because the intake is only open for a short time (just like your pregnancy!) and it’s strictly limited in numbers.

Invest in YOU & your Birth

Or, you can invest in yourself, your birth and motherhood journey right now and join the BetterBirth program immediately.  You will probably find just even taking the first step and joining the BetterBirth program will start to spark that fire inside you need to birth your baby, your way. 


The choice is YOURS as it should be in every aspect of your birth experience (even when it doesn’t feel like it!)

Secure your spot in the BetterBirth Program

Still have Questions?

How is this different to other birth education classes?

The BetterBirth program is like no other Birth Education program out there.  In fact, the BetterBirth program should be done prior to any other birth preparation work.  BetterBirth focuses on the foundamental steps of real Birth Preparation which are not usual covered in other education programs.

This program is not a cookie cutter program, it is designed for the indivdual and their experience.

I am already doing my hospital antenatal classes will I still need this one?

The short answer, yes.  The long answer, yes.  Hospital anetnatal classes are not designed to equip women with what they need to effectively prepare for a positive birth. 

Are you different from a doula?

Yes!! I was a Birth Doula, this is how I got started in the Birth Industry. What my program teaches and does is different to a doula.  It is not different to what I did as a doula, though.  I soon realised that the magic and power wasn’t in me attending the birth with the woman but the work the woman did prenatally is what turly changed her birth outcome.

In my time in this industry I have only come accross a small handful (not even joking!) of Doula’s I am confident to refer women onto that HAVEN’T done my program.


I have already done or doing a hypnobirthing course, why would I need this one too?

To put it simply, my program is not the same as a hypnobirthing program.  What the BetterBirth program coveres is not covered in Hypnobirthing and vice versa.

In saying that, I recommend the BetterBirth program is completed prior to engaging any ‘tool’s’ for your birth bag.  Hypnobirthing is a tool. That way you know what you are spending your money on or investing your time in is exactly what you need.

When will I get access to the program?

Immedaitly upon sucessful payment.

You can and infact its encouraged, start watching and working your way through the BetterBirth Program as soon as you want.

Shortly after signing up, you will get sent all the other details like group calls and the facebook group.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! I offer a 14day money back guarantee.  

Secure your spot in the BetterBirth Movement