BetterBirthTM is a 5 Step immersion program specifically designed to help you remove uncertainty and fear surrounding your birth and turn that into clarity, confidence so you can take control and achieve the birth outcome you’re determined to have.


BetterBirth™ was designed for you if:

You’re planning a pregnancy or you’re pregnant.

You are feeling overwhelmed about your birth or uncertain how you are going to do this or where to even start.

You’ve given birth before and the experience was not what you hoped it would be;


This will be your first birth and you’ve listened to friends and/or family describe less than desirable or traumatic birth experiences and you’re determined you’ll not have that same experience.

You want to feel in control and not just go with the flow

You’re always seeking to know more because you believe knowledge is power except when it comes to birth preparation you are struggling to decipher what is the knowledge you actually need and how to even use it.

You’re a responsible type and you willingly take responsibility and that’s a big reason you feel responsible for achieving the best birth possible for yourself and your baby.

You believe having a baby and becoming a mother is a life-transforming moment and you know you only have one chance to make sure this experience is a positive one.

This is a milestone you want to remember for all the right reasons.

You want unbiased and supportive guidance from an expert professional who will help you see your Birth blind spots and point out pitfalls in your birth preparation which may hinder your desired birth outcome, whilst suggesting alternative or better options that will help you achieve your goals.


What is BetterBirth™?

The BetterBirth Method

BetterBirth™ was born from working extensively with women as they prepared for their birth as a Birth Doula and the striking realisation that what separated a positive birth experience from a disappointing or traumatic one was not just whether a birth plan was in existence, but the key steps that were done prior to creating or actioning that plan.

Unlike many well-meaning birth education classes, one issue women were mistakenly left believing that writing up their ‘preferences’, was the same as making a thoughtful, intentional and fool-proof plan that was compiled after thoroughly completing key steps during the birth preparation process.

BetterBirth™ starts by answering the fundamental but critical questions: “Who am I and how can this play a role in my Birth Experience” “What do I really need for my birth to be the experience I want?”, “What is holding me back from achieving that?”

Who you are, what is important to you and your values along with how you want to feel leading up to, during and after your birth play an integral role in the type of care you seek out, the type of people you have supporting you and the type of birth you ultimately prepare for.

Once the above is clear, only then do we start planning, because without a clear and precise understanding of YOU and what YOU need, you have no way of making the real right choices for you and therefore creating the right plan. And, you see, without clear foundations during your preparation, a plan is just a wish…


And I work with women who know wishful thinking is never a good strategy…

BetterBirth™ uses a five-step methodology, called the BetterBirth Method, which is
specifically structured so any person during pre-conception or pregnancy can work through the same five steps and finish with a clear understanding of what they need for their birth, a strong confidence in themselves and a simple, yet thorough and effective birth plan uniquely designed for that person so that their control over their birth is not wavered no matter how their birth unfolds.


Like DNA, no one birth, preparation or birth plan is the same.

I owe this healing, transformational, liberating experience to the support I received from Peta. Had Peta not been the best friend I needed during pregnancy, I know I would have made a fear based decision and stayed with the other care providers and more than likely ended up with a similar birth to my first born. – Natalie

Once Completing the BetterBirth Program

You will know exactly who and what it is you need to seek out during your pregnancy and birth so you achieve your desired outcome — and who and what you DO NOT need to seek out — saving you significant time, energy and money.

Fear and uncertainty that you once had will be a thing of the past – you’ll be clear and confident in your pre- and post-birth choices which will allow you to express yourself and help you navigate and bypass any well-meaning (or not so well-meaning) suggestions, advice or influence from family, friends and/or health care providers which could derail your intentions and move you away from the birth outcome you desire.

You’ll develop an acute awareness and resilience to overcome more easily (or bypass completely) the many number of curve balls, issues and consequences that can arise during pregnancy and birth that can commonly blind side and surprise other pregnant and birthing women.

You will feel ready and empowered to be your own advocate before anyone else can or needs to be.

You’ll communicate powerfully no matter the situation that may arise and no matter who it is you may be talking to!

You will have a simple yet effective written birth plan that outlines your informed choices and equips you with the skills so no matter how your birth unfolds it is a positive one.

A simple action plan outlining the steps you will take and the path you will follow to achieve your desired birth, so you confidently know you can achieve the birth you’re determined to have.

You won’t be left feeling disappointed in yourself because no matter how your birth unfolds you are at the forefront of all decisions and will be in control so you can have the best birth possible.

What an empowering experience that I will never forget! Peta I can’t Thank you enough for creating this space for us women you empowered me so much, and your words helped me through the entire way! – Lauren Dounst

BetterBirth Program

BetterBirth™ is delivered fully online so that you don’t need to worry about blocking out weekends for hours on end, you don’t even need to get dressed if you don’t want to – I know, sold aren’t you!?

What you get;

• My full 5 individual & unique BetterBirth steps. Doing these steps will take your uncertainty to clarity and anxiety to confidence.

• It Includes easy to watch & listen to video and audio content, in depth information about the steps, worksheets, questions and tips to help you prepare for your positive birth.

• My unique tried and tested Birth Plan Template and How to guide – don’t leave it up to guess work, know exactly what to include and where so your birth plan will never be ignored.

• Action Plan template to keep you focused, on track and ready for what is to come.

Do you offer any other programs or support after BetterBirth™?

BetterBirth™ has been designed to equip you with the clarity, knowledge and support to confidently prepare, create your effective birth plan and a clear action plan to ensure you’ll be motivated and ready for what is to come.

However, as life teaches us, for a plan to work it needs to be acted upon.

Some BetterBirth™ graduates are content on doing the steps and in implementing their action plan without further assistance.

Other clients want more individualised support along the process of completing the steps to help you go deeper and get clearer.

Some want further ongoing support to help to facilitate implementing and executing on their birth plan and action plan.

For this reason, I offer individualised one-on-one support as you complete the BetterBirth Program and on-going, one-on-one monthly coaching with the BetterBirth™ graduates.

This type of support is capped to a minimum number of women I assist and support monthly so I can more intimately work with any issues or unforeseen circumstances that pop up along the path to their birth.

These can include, but are not limited to:
Unforeseen complications during pregnancy and how to navigate these
Unexpected changes in a client’s birth choices
Relationship issues
Navigating emotions
Debriefing on issues to do with chosen health care providers, or support people
Any questions or support needed at any time during a client’s pregnancy

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