You are feeling overwhelmed as you prepare for your birth

You don't know where to start or if what you are doing is enough

You want to stop worrying and be ready

You know that you want a positive birth but you just don’t know how to make it happen or where to even start. 


I am here to tell you a Positive Birth is possible.

“How to Worry Less and have a Better Birth” was written to help you remove uncertainty and fear surrounding your birth and turn that into clarity & confidence so you can take control and achieve the birth outcome you’re determined to have…a positive birth.

I have put together every single thing I did personally as I prepared for my 3 mind blowing birth experiences after a traumatic 1st birth and everything I now teach the women I work with as they prepare for their birth.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, you aren’t alone but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Stop worrying


You will no longer spend your days worrying if you are ready or how your birth will turn out.  You will understanding what is causing that worry and how to put the right things in place to remove it.

Gain Confidence


Use the 6 case studies of women who have had less than desirable birth experience’s plus my expert birth analyse to ensure you don’t have the same pitfalls in your birth preparation

Take Action


Discover the key steps which no other Birth Preparation or Education program will show you.  These steps you can implement immedatily and be well on the way to having a positive birth. 


  • Learn the secret to successful Birth Preparation most care-providers, Doula’s and other Birth Education classes won’t tell you
  • Read other women’s stories -yes, women just like you- learn from their pitfalls and experiences so your birth story isn’t the same as theirs
  •  Use my expert analyse of the case studies and what blindsided these women and their birth experience and apply it to your birth preparation
  • Discover the critical yet almost always overlooked steps to effective and thorough birth preparation.
  • Plus practical solutions and strategies you can implement today

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