Did I think 10 years ago this is what I would be doing and where my fierce passion would lay? Heck no.


But I can absolutely see how every monumental moment lead me right here.  From the 14 year old girl that made a promise to her best friend that she would happily be her surrogate because birth was awesome and nothing to be feared. To the woman who built her career working in a male dominated industry learning to never take shit and assert her power no matter what the situation.  Using the strategy and planning I have in my Management role, implementing the same approach in Birth Preparation & Planning. To the now Mother of a child with a severe illness, frequenting hospitals often therefore developing a deeper understanding of the ‘system’ and what true advocacy looks like.


I am a Mother to four vibrant, messy and independent kids.  Each one of their births changing me, moulding me to become the person I am today.  My first birth experience was the biggest for me – as it is for most women – it changed me in so many ways.  I was broken from it but also amazed by it. (You can read about my experience here.)


That birth propelled me to seek more, to do more, to create change and ensure what I had experienced when I had walked through those birth suite doors, I would never experience again. It led me on the path to having two polar opposite births where I felt my true absolute power.

It sounds cliche AF doesn’t it? I know. But it is so true. The changes these births had on me are sometimes hard to describe, but I know one thing – they made me whole. I found me, not the ‘me’ before children but the new me – confident, content and awoken.

But  please don’t let this fool you; I am still a hot mess at the best of times – except I am not broken anymore.

This is possible for all women, for you, just as much as it was for me and it starts with your birth experience.

A few fun facts about me because what’s a bio without them?

I swear too much. I am loud at times.  I love fast cars. I grew up in the country where I was almost born in the back of an ambulance. I want all the babies but Hubby says no.  I like to make people laugh.  I have a mono-brow – back in fashion now baby!  I am scared of toads.  I love pasta but really shouldn’t eat it.


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